Acers in the Snowdrop garden

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We love Acers here at Cornovium HQ, they are easy to grow and give a fantastic array of foliage colour from spring to autumn.  They love to be in a slightly sheltered spot so that they don't take the full brunt of the wind.  Here they are quite happy to grow in our poor sandy acidic soil, although we do treat them when planting by putting mushroom compost into the hole and giving them a good mulch.  For the first year they will be kept watered when the weather is hot to help with root development, after that they are on their own.  Some of our more established Acers are now giving us seedlings, which we enjoy going through and picking the best coloured ones to keep.

Acer palmatum var dissectum.

cornovium snowdrops acer palmatum var. dissectum

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  1. Patricia Finn

    I do agree with your comments regarding Acers. They are a true delight, I feel that in the past many would be growers have been deterred from planting as they feel they are prone to damage by frost and winds. The latter can be eliminated by choosing a sheltered planting position. I live in the north and find they enrich my garden, I am so glad I went ahead and planted

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